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Creating love & beauty in the Rogue Valley since 2010.

We are a people who believe in beauty that inspires individuality, love & authenticity. We are visionaries & entrepreneurs who nurture our creativity & cultivate the expression of beauty from the inside out. We value the environment, sustainability & our aligned partnership with Davines Hair Care.  We embrace nature, its wisdom & healing curiosities. We invite you into belonging, celebrating, growing in the culture we have created & into our NEST community.

The NEST’s journey began in 2010 and there is no question that it has been so many things to so many and will continue to be:

A dream, a team, 

a journey, a family, a sanctuary,

a season, a safe place, 

a new beginning, a refuge, 

a teacher, a fresh start, a final chapter, an inspiration, a muse,

a creative space, a home,

a business, a launching pad,

a transformative experience,

a nest.

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